Kyle Ward  - Sales Representative

Kyle was raised in Plattsville, a small town in Oxford County and grew up with discipline and a hard work ethic instilled in him from a young age. He spent many years racing professional motocross and sno-cross until a career-changing injury led him to switch paths. Knowing he wanted to stay in the moto industry, Kyle made the move to Orlando Florida to pursue his certification in the Motorcycle Technician program at the Motorcycle Mechanics Institute. After completing his certification, Kyle moved back to his hometown of Plattsville and opened MotoEdge, a motorsports sales & service shop where he could apply his new skills and education during the week days. His weekends were spent traveling across Canada with the HONDA/GDR Fox Racing team where his was a motocross mechanic for a multi-champion team. 


With real estate investing always in the back of his mind, in 2013 Kyle began his investment journey purchasing a single family home to renovate and flip. Kyle would go on to acquire multi-family homes and homes in need of repair.  He's invested in up to 50+ doors, has created an investment & rental company and most recently, obtained his real estate licence. Joining The Realty Firm Brokerage working within Kitchener/Waterloo, Woodstock, London and surrounding areas.  Kyle is excited to work with friends, family and future clients to give them the hustle they deserve. Whether you’re buying, selling, investing, or looking for an off-market deal, Kyle is ready to serve you. He looks forward to connecting and bringing you the knowledge and value you need to achieve your real estate goals. 

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